It is highly likely that someone in your office or workplace will get sick. This can be alarming especially in times of a pandemic or a really bad flu season.

What exactly is the best way to respond to these scenarios when they occur?

If someone in the office gets sick and there’s a real concern of s serious illness like COVID-19 going around, there are steps that you can take to contain the spread.

Inform others of the confirmed case

For some businesses, it makes sense to close down at the small sign of infection. For other businesses, this may not make much sense.

Use your best judgment, follow CDC guidelines, and adhere to the recommendations your state has in place if you are facing an active pandemic.

Remove the carrier from the environment should be the next thing you do.

It may sound harsh and most employees mean well when they insist on working through a sickness. However, it is for everyone’s safety that they do not come into work.

Let guests and employees know their health is a priority.

Be sure to supply hand sanitizer and masks at entrances. Offer disinfecting wipes for anyone who wants to be extra cautious.

Finally, ask the infected employee to be cleared by a doctor before considering coming back to the office.

Disinfecting Your Office or Facility if Someone is Sick

Professional disinfection services should be called in and it’s time to focus on the areas where the infected employee was most active.

Next, increase the airflow throughout the office.

Open windows and doors for ventilation so the air can circulate throughout the building. The viral particles will have a higher chance of being swept away to the outdoors instead of being left to float in an enclosed space.

If you can, wait 24 hours to enter the space where the employee was. This allows valuable time for the virus to potentially die.

Ensure that employees and visitors are informed during this window of time and recommend that anyone who doesn’t feel well or had close contact with an infected person, stay home.

Get a Professional Sanitizing Company on the Scene

As you maintain the situation with your employees, it’s time to call a professional office cleaning and disinfection service.

Companies like ServiceMaster of Sacramento can perform full facility cleanings efficiently and thoroughly.

Our office sanitization specialists will be properly equipped to enter infected areas. Disinfection crews at ServiceMaster of Sacramento are provided healthcare standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including respirator masks, gloves, and suits.

We also use hospital-grade disinfectants which are the same disinfectants used to clean healthcare facilities.

Call ServiceMaster of Sacramento at (916)975-3407 to learn more about how we can help sanitize and disinfect your office or commercial facility.