Janitorial Cleaning FAQs


How long will the carpets at my business take?
It depends on the size of the area and whether a truck-mount extractions, low moisture or portable extraction method is used. Our team can help select the cleaning program that fits within your schedule and cleaning needs.
Is it OK to use household cleaning options to removes spots?
Our recommendation would be to stick with products from ServiceMaster Clean. One of our local professionals can help.
How disruptive will the carpet cleaning process be to our day-to-day operations?
We have several scheduling options available so that if you would like, we can clean after your business hours. Alternatively, we could clean in sections. You will be given estimates for how long it will take to dry.
How soon after a clean can we walk on the floors?
Generally speaking, it will take anywhere from six to eight hours. In terms of placing heavy furniture items back down, you may want to wait for two days.
How frequently do I need to get a professional carpet cleaning?
We recommend a quarterly program through a low-moisture method. If you go this route, you could only end up needing a deep carpet cleaning service one time a year.
Will I have to deal with odors?
You could notice a small odor depending on which kind of carpet it is. A wool carpet, for example, can have scents. These types of odors, generally speaking, can take around an hour to disappear. It largely depends on humidity, air circulation and heat, however. Our cleaning process of pre-spraying, getting rid of spots and utilizing clean water extraction eliminates soapy residue, which stimulates clean/fresh carpets.
Is it a requirement to move our furniture?
To get the most optimal clean, we do suggest you move the furniture. We can clean around items like conference room tables, furniture in the lobby, bookcases and filing cabinets.
What do I need to do before the cleaning crew arrives?
Make sure you remove anything that could break from the top of furniture in rooms where we will be cleaning. Remove items from the ground in place you would like us to clean such as trash cans, plants and rugs. It is also suggested that you vacuum cleaning areas.
What do I do after the carpets have been cleaned?
We recommend that you let the carpets dry anywhere between 6-8 hours before stepping on them. Try to increase air circulation as that will assist in speeding how long it takes to dry. If you went with a Scotchguard to protect the carpet, then try to avoid walking on the carpet for as much as 24 hours. Also avoid putting the furniture back in place until drying has completed.

Hard Surface Flooring

How frequently do I need to buff the floors?
If scuffing and heel marks begin to happen, then you will need to buff.
Am I able to use acrylic finish to strip floors?
Acrylic can strip so periodic stripping can be required.
How long of a life can I expect with my acrylic floors?
The average life is around a year. The wear put on the floors depends on how often they are used, traffic and how they are cleaned.
If it is wet, is acrylic slippery?
ServiceMaster Clean acrylic products have acceptable ratings when it comes to slip resistance based on National Floor Safety Institute B101.3-2012/American National Standards Institute testing. Keep in mind, however, that any floor can become slippery.
Is acrylic finish expensive?
Generally speaking, it isn’t as expensive as some other finish options. Applying several coats, however, could be necessary to reach the gloss/protection you are seeking.
Is there a span odor when applying acrylic?
There is certainly an odor when acrylic is being applied, but it usually goes away quickly and isn’t too strong.
Do I need to worry about the warranty on my floor being void after I get acrylic?
That could be the case, but many warranties (factory) don’t take care of wear, abrasion and scratches. If you are at this point with your flooring then you most optimal solution might be to protect it anyway. If you want to get back to that factory-like finish, you should consider acrylic. Also, make sure to review the manufacturer warranty.
Will an area with a scratch be difficult to fix?
If acrylic scratches it likely can be burnished or buffed out to repair it or at least make it less noticeable. There is the option to add a coat over that area as well. A ServiceMaster Clean expert will be able to take a look and detail your options.
Does furniture scratch an acrylic floor?
A bad repair on furniture, a lack of floor protectors or furniture that is broken may hurt the finish. Make sure you inspect your furniture before acrylic furniture is installed to ensure areas that could damage the floor are covered.
How long is the acrylic coating process?
The condition of your floors will largely dictate how much prep work goes into it, the number of repairs needed and how many coats. If the old finish needs to be stripped, which takes longer than if the floor doesn’t need stripping.
Should I be concerned about my business operations being impacted?
No, because we can work around your schedule (unless your business is open 24 hours). If you do happen to be open 24 hours, we can come up with a plan to mitigate interruption.
Will there be a yellow finish on my acrylic floors?
The acrylic finishes we use have a non-yellowing component.
How frequently should I be cleaning my floor?
The basic rule of thumb is to clean when they look dirty. However, you should try to clean before it gets to that point because particles can build up and scratch the surface. Try to dry mop with a microfiber cloth and use a mop that is damn that has a cleaning solution to trap the soil.
It is OK to use regular cleaning products (household) on my floor?
If the product has a high level of alkaline products/alcohol then it could damage the acrylic. If you would like to clean on your own, our recommendation would be to utilize a cleaning agent that is neutral and intended for acrylic floors. Reach out to us for options.
How soon will I be able to have foot traffic on the floors?
If a hard surface has acrylic applied it should be able to withstand foot traffic after an hour from the last coat. It is recommended, however, that it is given 24 hours before heavy foot traffic.
Should I expect a lot of dust as a result of the application process?
We minimize dust generation by implementing a floor pep and finish removal process that is done damp or wet.
I am concerned about price, but I know the appearance of my floors is a problem. What can I do?
Think about what it would cost to not do anything. By adding a finish you aren’t only improving the look, you are also protecting it and preserving its life. Acrylics are less expensive, but don’t last as long as some finishes.
Do I need to prepare in any way before ServiceMaster Clean experts arrive?
Yes, please remove things that can break from on top of furniture in the conference room, lobby, breakrooms and other areas we may be working in. Remove items from the ground such as trash bins, plants, rugs, chairs, filing cabinets, etc. Dust mop or vacuum all debris on floors. If an item is too heavy to move, contact a technician.
What do I need to do to maintain it after acrylic has been applied?
Try to leave the regular cleaning to us. We can clean the floors monthly, weekly, or daily, depending on the services you are looking for. If you want to clean on your own, we recommend pre-cleaning the floor to remove soils off and then mopping with a cleansing agent that is neutral (a microfiber mop is ideal). Rinse the mop and change the water frequently to avoid leaving behind soil.
Do I need to make sure furniture is moved?
Yes, please. We do not move items that are heavy such as book cases, conference room tables, cabinets and large furniture pieces. Please try to have items like these moved prior to our arrival on our appointment day. If the items are too heavy, consult with our technician.
What should I do after my floors are cleaned?
Try to give floors at least an hour to dry and give it 24 hours before heavy foot traffic is allowed. Also, try to prevent the floor from getting wet during the 24 hours after the application process. Furniture can be moved back into after 12 hours of drying time. (Make sure to use felt pads when moving furniture over the floors.)

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