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Infectious disease is classified as an illness as a result of a virus, bacteria, or fungi that has caused infection by entering the body. It can be spread in various ways (animals, germs in the air, from person to person, etc.).

An emerging disease is one that has seen recent increases and has the potential to increase moving forward. They could be new to a region, recently discovered, appearing again in a region, or a result of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Reducing the Spread of Emerging Disease and Infections like COVID-19

The list of different pathogenic, infectious microorganisms is long, and each has a different way to deactivate it. Enveloped viruses can be stopped through disinfectants. They can be spread relatively easily, but aren’t difficult to deactivate with cleaning materials.

When Should You Contact a Professional Disinfecting Service

If you think your facility has been subject to an infectious disease or coronavirus spread, you might consider contacting an expert like ServiceMaster Clean. We will be able to disinfect quickly and set up a plan to maintain clean conditions.

How Can We Help?

Our technicians are experts and know to get rid of gross soiling and organic loads as priority one. During this process, we follow guidelines of the WHO, FDA, CDC, EPA, and other regulations. Our technicians are specially trained in disinfection methods and utilize Personal Protective Equipment while taking into account privacy and security.


If someone revisits a space that has been disinfected correctly, re-contamination is possible.

How to Protect Yourself

  1. Make sure you are maintaining a preparedness plan. This includes etiquette for respiratory conditions, conducting cleanliness protocols, and promoting handwashing.
  2. Try to follow recommendations from the CDC to snap the infection cycle.
  3. Contact experts like ServiceMaster Clean to help disinfect your business.

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