Event Center Cleaning

Fans at sporting events, people in movie theaters, attendees of concert halls, they all want the venues they attend to be clean. The owners of those facilities also want their customers to feel comfortable to make sure revenue continues. ServiceMaster Clean can work around any schedule to make sure event centers are clean so as not to disrupt business operations. Additionally, we have technology that makes it possible for you to communicate when any particular cleaning need may arise. This result is on-demand cleaning options to ensure your patrons are happy.

We Can Handle Any Complex Cleaning Situation

Concert Venues/Theaters

We all love concert halls, entertainment, venues, and amphitheaters, but when they aren’t properly cleaned, attendees can be dissatisfied. This is where ServiceMaster Clean can come in and help with making sure your cleanliness is top-notch.


Sports fans can be messy, and after the game is over, there can be a huge mess throughout the stadium. Our janitorial experts have been specifically trained and have the right equipment to help you keep it clean. Our customized cleaning plans can help you hit the needs of your cleaning goals.

The Benefits of Working with Us:

  • Janitorial specialists who are highly trained
  • Nearly 70 years of experience
  • Experience in various industries
  • Dedicated to the highest levels of clean
  • Custom cleaning options
  • Cleaning options for night and day


See how we can meet your commercial cleaning needs, budget and schedule.