Sacramento Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

Strip & Wax for Commercial Concrete, VCT, Hardwood

ServiceMaster Clean delivers Sacramento area customers commercial floor stripping and application. Our cleaning experts are trained to ensure that your floor removal and re-application project is done correctly and quickly.

Our Removal and Application Process Includes:

• Removing all furniture from the area of floor being worked on.
• Applying a stripping solution to the flooring.
• Using commercial stripping technology to take out the old layers of the floor finish and grime buildup.
• Once the floor finish has been removed, we clean the flooring to remove any residue.
• We then apply a sealant, followed by additional finish coats to make your floors shine again.

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Your flooring is a highly used area in your business or home and it needs the right maintenance to ensure it has a long lifespan. Scrapes in the wax, for example, can damage tile to the point that standard mopping just pushes dirt into those cracks. This can result in a dirty appearance that you don’t want your home or business to have.

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